Sweeper Choices

Parking lot sweeping companies and street sweepers from Burbank to Riverside and from Ventura to San Diego employ various kinds of sweeper trucks to perform sweeping services.  In maintaining shopping center parking lots, medical facilities, underground parking lot sweeping, industrial and office parks, or property roadways, a local sweeping contractor may choose to employ large broom sweepers or more efficient, low-cost vacuum sweepers.

If you are a property owner or property manager, it’s important that you are aware of the difference when searching for a parking lot cleaning company.  For instance, if you need regular sweeping service at your LA shopping center, you do not want to pay for a large broom truck.  These sweeping contractors have minimum hours per visit (generally four) and charge an average of $120 per hour.  You will need such a sweeping contractor only when performing construction clean-up for heavy dirt, sand, and gravel removal.  This mode is also required to prepare an older parking lot for resurfacing or striping.  Crown Sweeping/Crown Maintenance can direct you to long-term sweeping contractors that will give you the straight scoop on your broom-sweeper needs.

When I got into the sweeping business in 1971, there were just two kinds of sweepers being deployed each night.  The most popular was a ride-upon unit by the Wayne and Wilshire brands that were towed on trailers.  Companies like A-1 Sweeping, run by the legendary Hank Fredericks, would roll out as many as twenty of these units per night from their lot in Baldwin Park.    As a 16-year-old, I was amazed at the size and scope of this company.  Meanwhile, my brothers and I chose to useTymco sweepers.  They were expensive to operate, but they were also efficient in that no trailer was necessary.  My timing into the sweeping industry in Los Angeles was opportune, however, because a new generation of vacuum sweeper trucks were on the horizon.

These configurations made their debut in the Southern California sweeper business around 1978.  I remember the initial vacuum pioneers that built such parking area sweepers out of plywood.  I could hear the cans and litter as they made their way through the blower/fan on their way into the hopper.  It would take only two years for the industry to perfect the concept.

Vacuum sweepers are the answer for regular parking lot and HOA street maintenance throughout Southern California, especially on large sites in cities like El Segundo. There are no time minimums, and hourly rates are less than half of those demanded by large broom trucks.  These are actually vacuum units that are mounted on a truck chassis.  Some sweeper manufacturers choose a standard pick-up truck without the bed on which to mount their units.  Others choose a cab-over configuration like a delivery truck (think Izusu) to bear their loads.  Crown Sweeping uses both types of vacuum trucks.

If you are a property owner or manger from San Diego to Ventura looking to meet your best management practice for dust control and stormwater runoff, Crown Sweeping, Inc., can provide a flexible service plan for your commercial and industrial properties.  Daily, weekly, or monthly parking lot sweeping and street sweeping will keep you in good standing with customers, tenants, and environmental watchdogs.  Keep your parking lot or garage clean and safe!

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