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Parking Lot Sweeping Huntington Park and Rancho Dominguez

by Paul Murphy Owner

As cities change, property maintenance needs can often remain the same, which is partly why parking lot cleaning near me has always existed in some form or another: stay or go, businesses will always understand the allure of clean walkways and pavement for tenants and customers alike...

The Fringe Benefits of Parking Lot Sweeping in Los Angeles and Orange County

by Paul Murphy Owner

The immediate benefits of Orange County and Los Angeles parking lot sweeping are apparent, but did you also know that there are fringe benefits to the service? Sweeping not only keeps your common areas clean; it also provides an extra layer of security, reduces costs, and prolongs the life of your property.

Parking Lot Sweeping Anaheim

by Paul Murphy Owner

With the largest population of any city in Orange County and the second largest land area, Anaheim is a bustling metropolis featuring theme parks, a convention center, two major sports teams, hotels and motels, residential districts, and industrial centers...