COVID-19 and Parking Areas Maintenance: An Update

by Paul Murphy Owner

               As the novel coronavirus continues to ravage the nation--as of this writing, cases are rising in forty states--we here at Crown Maintenance would like to take the opportunity to update our customers on the efforts we have taken to perform services while also preventing transmission.  To those ends, we have adopted two main strategies.  The first is the revision of our annual Illness and Injury Prevention Protocol to include changes that are critically important to fighting COVID-19: namely, the adoption of face masks and the efforts to social distance.  Thankfully, the nature of parking lot sweeping lends itself well to these measures, since safety protocols like masks were already in place, while social distancing is usually less of a challenge during the window of time that we sweep parking lots (late nights/early mornings).  Still, we have reminded all of our workers of the need to observe those guidelines proposed by the CDC, since there are still some moderately risky activities--for example, landscaping or pressure washing--that may occur during normal business hours and may therefore involve a greater risk of human contact.  The second strategy has been working closely with our customers to amend service times, which usually means reducing parking lot sweeping services overall to accommodate the financial hardships imposed by the crisis and to reduce the risk of transmission.  For example, retail centers that were typically scheduled for nightly services have been scaled back to four- or five-times-a-week visits.  As this long and fraught summer continues, we look forward to doing our part to help fight the crisis while also retaining the quality of service that has distinguished us for decades.