Parking Lot Sweeping During the Holidays

by Paul Murphy Owner

               With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just past and the holiday shopping season now well underway, we here at Crown thought it would be a fitting time to remind our potential customers what it is that sets us apart during this fretful period of the year, when increased manufacturing demands at industrial facilities and pedestrian traffic at retail centers generally means more headaches for property managers in the Southland.  To that end, we thought it would be wisest to provide prospective customers with three testimonials from current customers, who are the best source of feedback on the work that we do here to keep your properties clean, wherever they may be:

  1. Robert, PM of an office park in El Monte: “I started looking for a parking lot cleaning service near me for my offices in El Monte when my old company just wasn’t cutting it.  Most important to me was finding a parking lot sweeper service that would be responsive to my needs.  Crown has turned out to be that company—I especially appreciate how promptly they reply to emails and phone calls, even on holidays and weekends.”
  2. Tina, APM of an industrial park in Duarte: “I’ve had a lot of experience with parking lot sweeping companies near me, so I feel comfortable saying that Crown is a cut above in their parking lot cleaning services in Duarte.  They actually follow through with their customers to make sure that the sweepers and pressure washers are doing the right work.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants a responsible service provider.”
  3. Sheryl, owner of an industrial property in Irwindale: “Looking for parking lot sweeping near me was a bit of anxious process because dealing with my first parking lot sweeping business in Irwindale in the past was a headache.  We get different kinds of debris here—lumber, nails, pine cones—that had a tendency to stubbornly remain on the ground.  But Paul mentioned that he learned a few tricks over the decades about how to pick up that debris with his trucks, which proved to me that he wasn’t your ordinary parking lot sweeper.”

               If you find yourself in a similar situation to the customers above—looking in vain for parking lot sweeping companies that can meet your needs—then don’t hesitate to call Crown today at (800) 953-0019.  We’ll assemble a maintenance package and provide you with a prompt bid to help you cope with the routine stresses of property management.  Until then, we wish you a safe and peaceful weekend.