Three Things - October 2018

by Paul Murphy Owner

               As Santa Ana winds and generally dry conditions across the Southland have caused trees to shed leaves and our parking lot sweepers to work overtime, we here at Crown thought it would be a good time for the next edition of our occasional blog “Three Things,” where we offer three pieces of advice to help property managers get the most from their parking lot sweeping business.  The inspiration for the blog was the frustration among managers with their parking lot cleaning services that we have heard all too often.  The simple solution for that frustration is to call us here at Crown to see how we can help, but until then, perhaps this advice will make your life easier.  So without further ado, here are your three things for October 2018: 

  1. We’ve been receiving calls from concerned managers at retail and industrial properties that the beautiful trees lining their curbs and planters are browning.  Our landscaping crews have tried to preempt these concerns by reminding customers that the state of California is now in the sixth year of a severe drought, and that such browning is becoming a new reality.  The short term solution is to have these trees removed so that they do not pose a safety hazard or become a drain on resources, but the long term solution is to consider moving toward a drought-tolerant landscape.
  2. We provide parking lot sweeping in San Pedro at an industrial facility that is often the location for chronic dumping, and the manager there was tired of paying for the routine hauling service that we provide to stay on top of the issue.  Our suggestion for him, and for all managers with similar issues on their properties, is to consider installing a security gate or fence with a lock to prevent access to rear lots, which are often popular targets of illegal dumping because they are more hidden from public view.  The upfront costs of such a gate are expensive, of course, but when you factor in the monthly cost of hauling, the gate will likely lower expenses in the long term.
  3. Our third note of advice regards overnight parking, which is another common complaint that we here among managers at retail locations.  The problem with parked cars is that they obstruct access for backpack blowers to curbs and corners that they need to clean in order to fulfill their duties.  The only real solution for this all-too-common problem is to hire overnight security and to enforce a towing service, which should provide a powerful enough deterrent. 

That’s all for now, folks!  Remember that if you have questions about our suggestions or just need a professional bid from a local parking lot sweeper, don’t hesitate to call Crown today.  Until then, we wish you stress-free property management.