Three Things - July 2018

by Paul Murphy Owner

               Welcome back to “Three Things,” property managers!  This month’s edition of our regular blog, like past editions, features three notes of advice that Crown has gleaned from several years of professional property maintenance in Southern California.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our advice.

  1. Let us know of any July 4 celebrations that you may be hosting at your property.  While most of our tenants are commercial and industrial businesses that take the holiday off, others may not, or they may be living premises.  For example, we routinely provide parking lot sweeping in Irvine at an HOA, and because July 4 occurs on a Wednesday this year, we happily accommodated the HOA’s request to move our date of service to another day so that its members could enjoy their celebrations.  A similar issue occurred with our pressure washing in Anaheim at a business park; the tenants had decided to stay on site because it afforded a special view of the evening’s fireworks, so we courteously postponed our service.  As with other matters, just contact us if you have a special request, and we’ll be happy to professionally oblige.
  2. Our second note of advice is a reminder: we provide our property maintenance services in all of Riverside County, in case you were wondering.  For example, we recently added parking lot sweeping in Murrieta, at a hospital with some maintenance challenges; pressure washing in Wildomar, at a shopping plaza; and steam cleaning in Temecula, at an industrial property.  So if you are near those or other Riverside County cities, don’t hesitate to ask for our services; our routes bring us near your neighborhoods anyway, so we might as well clean there, too!
  3. Our third note of advice is a little odd, but no less helpful: if you are a new owner or manager that has just acquired a property we are servicing and would like us to continue services, please be sure to specify which property, and which parts of the property, you would like to have serviced.  We ask this because sometimes new property managers will have us continue services with the expectation that we are doing more or less than the previous property manager had requested us to do.  For example, new building owners recently acquired a property where we provide parking lot sweeping in Ontario, but they also added a parking lot to the building that the previous owner did not possess, and did not therefore ask us to sweep.  However, given our preparedness in these situations, we clarified that the additional parking lot would be included in our expanded service, which the manager was gratified to hear.

               That’s all for now.  Until next month, Happy 4th!