A Quick Note About Accountability in Property Maintenance

by Paul Murphy Owner

               It has become fashionable in the industry for parking lot maintenance providers to assure customers that their lots are being swept by showing them GPS tracking of parking lot vacuum sweeper trucks.  While such a measure is laudable as an effort to increase accountability for sweeper companies, it is also redundant and a little suspicious: If your parking lot sweepers are properly servicing your property, then why must they prove it to you with advanced technology?  The greatest technological devices in these cases are your eyes: look around your entire industrial or commercial property and ask yourself if you are pleased with the services that your contractors are providing.  If not, then proof that your sweepers visited your lot from a GPS tracking device is of no use to you; in fact, it’s actually a cause for concern, since it tells you that your sweepers not only came but skimped on their duties!  For example, we just added an account that called for parking lot sweeping in Los Angeles.  The owner had informed us that he had complained multiple times about the same piece of trash that he kept seeing on his parking lot.  Instead of admitting that they weren't providing proper parking lot cleaning, however, his former maintenance company claimed that they had indeed visited and showed the manager a map of their truck routes.  It’s just these kinds of pitfalls that we here at Crown Sweeping are happy to warn you of; sadly, the property maintenance industry is, like most businesses, filled with deceits and equivocations.  When you have an important walk-through or event on your property looming, you need a property maintenance service provider that you can trust, not one that will misuse technology in order to dupe you.  Call Crown today and we will be happy to assist you in any way, whether you’re looking for service or just good advice.  We’ve been the local pressure washing and parking lot sweeping company of choice in Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, Ventura County, and San Diego County for over forty years.  Crown Sweeping: your premier local property maintenance company since 1971.