How Crown Can Help Your Commercial or Industrial Property After the Fires

by Paul Murphy Owner

               The recent rash of wildfires in has shuttered schools, torched acres, and compelled the evacuations of numerous Californians from their beloved homes, businesses, and communities.  As a former captain for the Pasadena Fire Department, I can attest to the heartache, horror, and distress that such fires induce in those who are affected.  We here at Crown would like to pledge our support in this difficult time by adjusting our property maintenance services to the needs of our current and prospective customers.  We are asking tenants and property managers to notify us of any excess ash, soot, or other debris that may pose health hazards, especially to those with asthma, so that we may provide more detailed work on properties, whether it means sweeping up this excess debris, cleaning it from windows, or pressure washing it out of pavement and other surfaces.  Properly disposing of such debris is key to ensuring cleaner air and a safer environment; fine particulate matter can find its way into our lungs, from which it spreads throughout our bodies.  We wish all of those affected by the fires a swift recovery and a safe new year.