New Customers

by Paul Murphy Owner

    We've been so busy over the past two quarters that I have failed to publicly weclome some newcomers. In our L.A. region, Ambiance Apparel and Univar came on board for regular parking areas sweeping near our Exxon/Mobile customer. Reliable Properties generously added 2 more retail properties along with property management firms Ezralow and Mega 5 Real Estate. Far East America, ACE Parking, Transwestern and California Lottery round-out the "new-guy" list in the Los Angeles region. 

     Our Orange County sweeping division is excited about the new sweeping and steam cleaning contracts with UPS, Source Refrigeration, Zodiac Aerospace, Costco, AGNL Antenna, Shaw Industries and Storm Management.

     Lastly, in the San Diego market, warmest-welcome to Advance Realty Management.  Paul