In the sweeping, pressure washing, landscaping, and general building maintenance business, it has become fashionable for single firms  to offer all disciplines.  A San Diego parking lot sweeping contractor, an Irvine or Long Beach commercial window washer, a Los Angeles power washer or a Santa Fe Springs landscaper may advertise as offering all services throughout Southern California.  In truth, single-function janitorial, landscaping, and parking areas maintenance firms have morphed into comprehensive maintenance contractors by forming alliances with companies that offer all forms of maintenance jobs.  This can be a win-win for property owners and property managers because by dealing with just one source, they fulfill all of their property service needs.  One phone number, one e-mail address, one contact person, one certificate of insurance, etc.

From the property maintenance contractors' or local sweeping contractors' perspectives, such practices inflate geographic spans and professional service offerings without the need for huge facilities, long travel distances and large personnel pools.  Their challenge, however, is finding and retaining responsible affiliates.  Crown Maintenance/Crown Sweeping has formed such alliances over the course of forty-three years while serving property owners and property managers in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.  The challenge of retaining quality alliances is to pay them for the difficult work that they perform.  While many general contractors pay their allied firms from 50% to 70% of gross billing, Crown pays an average of 85% to sub-contractors.  This means that the workers on your site are well-compensated, motivated, and self-employed.  Crown believes that the women and men performing the most grueling tasks--late-night parking lot sweeping, steam cleaning and janitorial services, or midday landscaping and window washing--should receive the greatest share of the gross revenue.  Hence, Crown operates on a very slim profit margin while keeping costs down and dispatching property services personnel from Ventura to San Diego that are the envy of their peers.

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