Crown Sweeping (also known as Crown Maintenance Co., Inc.) has been the property maintenance contractor of choice for commercial and industrial property owners and managers in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside (Inland Empire), Ventura, and San Diego Counties for over four decades. In addition to offering parking lot sweeping, Crown has formed alliances with professionals specializing in pressure washing (also called power washing), steam cleaning, landscaping, window cleaning, day porting, graffiti abatement, hauling, striping, asphalt repair, scrubbing, and janitorial cleaning. This comprehensive array of site services allows you to deal with just one source for all of your commercial, industrial, retail, government, and residential property maintenance needs. We pride ourselves on retaining long-lasting relationships with clientele and delivering the best possible service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Are you looking for pressure washing in Orange County? parking lot sweeping in Los Angeles? steam cleaning in Riverside and San Bernardino? Call or e-mail Crown today for low bids and free estimates from our tenured professionals on our local lot parking lot cleaning services. Crown Sweeping: the premier property maintenance company in Southern California since 1971.

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just past and the holiday shopping season now well underway, we here at Crown thought it would be a fitting time to remind our potential customers what it is that sets us apart during this fretful period of the year...
As Santa Ana winds and generally dry conditions across the Southland have caused trees to shed leaves and our parking lot sweepers to work overtime, we here at Crown thought it would be a good time for the next edition of our occasional blog “Three Things."
Given the constraints of your maintenance budget, knowing which services are the most important for your property is key to effective management.